Artist Biography

Artist Arthur Moniz of Arthur Moniz Gallery, in New Bedford, MA creates a detailed work of art using watercolor and graphite"I try to convey a feeling of quiet and calm in a world of noise and fast pace: a peacefulness that comes from being alone but not lonely. I like the structures which seem to stand with dignity, the test of time, the textures of old wood, the bark of trees, rocks and such."

Mr. Moniz was born in 1945 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He attended school in New Bedford and then went on to Massachusetts College of Art and the Museum School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. His paintings depict a wide range of interests, from Florida to Japan and of course the New England area, where he still lives with his wife and business partner, Cheryl. His other passions are his two children and four grandchildren.

His style of painting is a combination of graphite drawing with transparent watercolor washes over the highly detailed renderings. This style of "graphite and watercolor" has evolved over the years and creates images which are soft and subtle yet show remarkable details and textures. He also works in oils and pen and ink to create works of art with the same attention to the fine details and textures of the subjects.

Exhibitions and some highlights:

  • Awarded Signature Membership: American Society of Marine Artists 2013
  • Westport Winery Exhibition: One Man Show 2013-2014
  • Drawn from New Bedford: Arthur Moniz - A Retrospective: 45 years at the New Bedford Whaling Museum 2010-2011
  • White House, Washington DC
  • New Bedford Whaling National Park Artist Selected Artists 2007
  • Presentation Gift Portugal President
  • New Bedford Whaling Museum, Azorean Maritime Society 2006
  • Westport Winery (Solo) Exhibit 2006
  • One Man Show,Discovering Your Roots, Azores, Portugal 2002 (Solo)
  • Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Conn. • 2002
  • New Bedford Whaling Museum, Moby Dick "The Chase" • 2001
  • International Wine Festival, Waterfront Historic Area League • 2000 (Solo)
  • Canterbury Shaker Museum, Canterbury, New Hampshire • 2000
  • Boston Symphony, Boston Symphony Hall, Boston, MA • 1997 (Solo)
  • Rotch Jones Duff House & Garden Museum, New Bedford, MA • 1993 (Solo)
  • Alfred J. Walker Fine Art, Boston, MA (Solo) • 1993
  • Down to the Sea, New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA
  • Gentle Solitude, Alfred J. Walker Fine Art, Boston, MA • 1992
  • Meiji-Mura Museum, Nagoya, Japan • 1992
  • Arthur Moniz: View of America and Japan, Tosashimizu, Japan (Solo) • 1992
  • First Ashizuri Art Exhibition, Kochi, Japan • 1991
  • Tosashimizu, Japan • 1990 (Solo)

Permanent Collections

  • Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan Presentation to Emperor Akhito, • 1987
  • John Manjiro House (Museum) Tosashimizu, Japan • 1990
  • Tosashimizu City Hall, Tosashimizu, Japan the New Bedford Whaling
  • Old Dartmouth Historical Society, Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA • 1990
  • Millicent Library, Fairhaven, MA
  • John Manjiro Society, Tokyo, Japan • 1991